Thursday, June 23, 2011

Very long time ~

Hoho ~ saje nak tanye, sapekah followers yg ber nickname : chybijaksana, jepstem and eross? may i know ur name? nama panggilan ms kat BeST dulu....huhu..n TQ to sume yg jdik follower blog yg xbrape nak hidup ni..haha..

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My new blog !

Halo everyone ! u can be my frenz at my new blog: blog I created is for BeST program ! TQ

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tips for macho shoulders !

Let share something interesting here..This is tips to get a better shoulders..This tips is for men like me ..I dont know if there any women who want to get a huge shoulders like a men..huhu..Actually, there are many type of exercise that can build muslce for shoulders..I chose this one because it is easier compared to the others..We juz need a couple of dumbel for this exersice..U can buy one for urself !This exercise is called Cuban press..Juz look at to the above pictures and you will definitely can understand it! it is easy rite..For details, juz read below steps ( if u love to read)!

  1. From a seated or standing position, hold a dumbbell in each hand with your shoulders rotated forward. Your arms should be fully extended next to your thighs with only a slight bend at the elbows and with the palms of your hands facing your thighs. This will be your starting position.
  2. Begin the movement by lifting the elbows up, as if performing a dumbbell upright row, until they are at shoulder height. Tip: The torso and the upper arm should resemble the letter "T". Exhale as you perform this movement.
  3. Once you reach this position, inhale and then externally rotate the dumbbells up while keeping the upper arms in the same level and exhaling. Continue this movement until the forearms are perpendicular to the floor and the hands are pointing towards the ceiling. Inhale once you complete this movement.
  4. Now press the dumbbells up over your head as if performing a shoulder press as you exhale.
  5. Go back to the initial position as you breathe in by reversing the steps.
  6. Repeat for the recommended amount of repetitions.

Variation: You can also use a barbell.

My great weekends ( '' ,)

Huh..lazy monday ..but still wake up at 5.30 am..So that I can get shower a little bit longer..hehe..Let me tell u my weekend's story.I ont want 2 write this, but I hav no choice..This is my assignment for today..I have to ( +________+)..Last weekend I went to Malacca..this is my very 1st time to be there..wonderful city..full of historical places..FYI, I love history (form 4 & 5)..but not now..I'm engineering graduate..huhu..but still love all the historical places in Malacca..I went to Malacca last weekend to accompany my fren to back to his village..Do u ever go to Malacca? There are many beutiful and uniqe places such as Malacca River, A Famosa (wat a great building they have), Museum and so on..U better go there..My frend told me that there are 20 museums in Malacca..But each of them not big as Museum Terengganu....Museum Terengganu is da biggest museum in Malaysia..Each of the museum in Malacca are very unique and hav its own story..Oh..I forgot to tell you something..I stay in my frenz house fot the weekend...When i arrived at his house, OMG ! Wat a very wonderful house..His house is very unqie ! His house is the original "Rumah Melayu Melaka"..I was so lucky..he3x..I need 2 go 2 rest room now..hek (* ____________*)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Assalamualaikum ( '' ,)

This is my first blog..As all most people, I already know 'bout the blog a very long time ago .. but not really interested to create one..nowadays, blog is one of the powerful medium to spread information, experiences, oipinions etc..I think everybody should hav one..This blog purposely for sharing of anything : story, epxerience, information, cooking, outdoors activities etc..I' ll post something interesting soon..if you like, u can leave any comments ( '' ,)