Sunday, December 5, 2010

My great weekends ( '' ,)

Huh..lazy monday ..but still wake up at 5.30 am..So that I can get shower a little bit longer..hehe..Let me tell u my weekend's story.I ont want 2 write this, but I hav no choice..This is my assignment for today..I have to ( +________+)..Last weekend I went to Malacca..this is my very 1st time to be there..wonderful city..full of historical places..FYI, I love history (form 4 & 5)..but not now..I'm engineering graduate..huhu..but still love all the historical places in Malacca..I went to Malacca last weekend to accompany my fren to back to his village..Do u ever go to Malacca? There are many beutiful and uniqe places such as Malacca River, A Famosa (wat a great building they have), Museum and so on..U better go there..My frend told me that there are 20 museums in Malacca..But each of them not big as Museum Terengganu....Museum Terengganu is da biggest museum in Malaysia..Each of the museum in Malacca are very unique and hav its own story..Oh..I forgot to tell you something..I stay in my frenz house fot the weekend...When i arrived at his house, OMG ! Wat a very wonderful house..His house is very unqie ! His house is the original "Rumah Melayu Melaka"..I was so lucky..he3x..I need 2 go 2 rest room now..hek (* ____________*)


  1. Hmm..I'm too lazy to write..hmmm..why not I juz change the topics..i will post about my next post !

  2. o...I forgot something.. Thank 2 all my followers! It is nice to hav followers like u!

  3. interesting...hope to see more of your writings